Appeal for Flood Relief Work Financials

The recent floods in Karnataka has created havoc in the lives of the thousands of people. Out of the 16 districts affected in Karnataka, Belagavi is one of the worst affected. The rescue and relief operations are shiftly underway, however, those affected need a lot of ground-level support both for current survival and for future needs.

We, at Spandana, are seeking your generous support to do relief and rehabilitation work for those suffering from the recent flood in many parts of the Belagavi district.

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Damages caused by the flood

The floods have left trails of destruction. Spandana team did an on-site field assessment of the damages inflicted by the flood across the district. We witnessed:

  • Streets flooded due to the heavy downpour – preventing access to road and connectivity
  • Houses were submerged and even destroyed. Particularly the houses of the poor families constructed out of mud were completely damaged
  • Temples, houses are all are submerged due to sudden increase in the water level flooding the entire villages. There is no electricity connection and communication in these areas
  • Farm lands and the standing crops have been severely affected – resulting in farmers loosing their livelihoods.

Farms/ Infrastructure affected by flood

As per official report, crops in 1,36,529 hectare are under water.

Besides this, the sources reported the following damages.

  • 1,410 kilometres of roads,
  • 4,019 government buildings,
  • 211 bridges and concert drains,
  • 92 water supply units and
  • 2575 electrical related damages

Details of flood affected and shifted villages

Here is the complete details of the villages affected by the flood.

  • around 370 villages are affected
  • more than 50,000 families and 3,20,000 people have been shifted
  • more than 1,10,000 animals and livestocks got shifted

In response to the flood, the government immediately responded and started relief camps and suggested people to shift to their relatives houses.

  • 457 camps are set up to house to those families whose houses were not longer habitable
  • around 1,64,000 people shifted to their relative’s houses

Response by Spandana

Spandana has been providing various rescue and relief support to those affected around the district on a priority basis. Our Secretary, Susheela, is in discussion with our team and other CSOs on devising action plan for relief work and reviewing the progress so far. We are working closely with the government rescue operations and supporting the affected in finding secure place and ensuring basic amenities.

Our appeal

We, at Spandana, request you to help the affected victims by supporting our efforts in the field. The funds raised towards this campaign will be utilized for buying foods, clothes, and providing various other support to various affected areas around the district.

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